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Navigating Virtual Event Platforms

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How To Navigate Options For Virtual Event Platform Providers

Given our new reality of restricting face to face events and the desire to conquer all things virtual, many are diving into the deep end trying to navigate their way through the plethora of options for virtual events.

How do we determine what platform is right for us?

Here are a few tips that we have found on our journey that have helped. Also, some great sites to start your exploration.

  1. Know your event goals and objectives – If you clearly understand what you
    are trying to accomplish and have an end-result in mind, then you will be
    better equipped to find the right solution.
  2. Talk with other event professionals – Get feedback on what tools they have used. Connect on the industry association site such as MPI, FICP and SITE chat forums.
  3. Understand your Limitations – This applies to both financial and technical. You also need to understand the limitations of your audience. For example, is the group you are reaching out to equipped with video and audio capabilities at home.
  4. Focus on just a few options and take them for a test drive – We suggest shortlisting to 3-5 providers and then schedule demonstrations and do some testing with your team.
  5. Partner with professionals – Do not try to do it all yourself. Look to those in the industry that are professionals when it comes to virtual events.
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Need help evaluating your options?

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